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To sign up for a matchit on demand account, simply visit our sign-up pages and following the on screen instructions and you’ll be signed up within minutes. You can experiment with a free trial which you can upgrade at any point.


After signing up for a free trial, you will receive an email (as below) with a link to confirm your account before being able to access the service. If this email does not reach you within 15 minutes, please be sure to check your Junk email folder and any email quarantines which you may utilize for the confirmation email. If you still can’t find this email, contact our team at dqservices@matchitondemand.com.


If you experience any issues with the confirmation link you received in the initial signup email, such as a “Wrong Link” or “Page Blocked” error, be sure to check that your firewall or email client isn’t blocking the external link to the matchit on demand website. Additionally, you can try manually copying the link location from the confirmation email and pasting this in to the address bar of an internet browser. If issues with confirming your account persist, please contact our team at dqservices@matchitondemand.com.

During your account trial you will be able to see a sample of matches from your jobs. Should you wish to see the complete results, you can upgrade your account by using the “Change Account Type” button on the Subscription page, https://app.matchitondemand.com/Subscription.




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