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Output - Matching Pairs

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This output contains matching pairs of records. This is the simplest type of matching output:

Output format: "record1|record2|levels|ind|fam|add|bus|cus|key"


  • "record1" and "record2" refer to the two matching records. When overlapping two data sources, they refer to data from table 1 and 2 respectively.
  • "levels" indicates which matching level(s) the two records match at. It's an integer, and is the sum of one or more of the following values (for example, if levels is 5 then the two records matched at both individual level and address level):
    • 1: individual level;
    • 2: family level;
    • 4: address level;
    • 8: business level;
    • 16: custom level.
  • "ind|fam|add|bus|cus" indicate the scores for each matching level.
  • "key" is a 0-based index of the match key used to find the match (e.g. if 3 match keys are defined, the index will be 1-3). Keys are numbered in the order they are defined in the configuration settings.
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