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Appendix A - Configuration Guide - Column Types

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The following column types can be used when defining the input data columns. Refer to Data Settings, above, for further details including how to map multiple elements by prefixing with "First", "Second", "Third", "Fourth" and "Fifth".

Unique Ref

  • UniqueRef;
  • UniqueRefMatch. [from v2.0.4.29]

A unique ref is typically mapped to a table's primary key column, if available. For certain operations, such as when calling the engine's GetData() method, a unique ref is required and must therefore be mapped to the input data.

UniqueRefMatch may be used if you wish to apply matching to your UniqueRef column. This data type will associate your UniqueRef with CustomField1/FirstCustomField1. If you have other custom fields in the same table then these should start from CustomField2. Multiple elements can be utilised against UniqueRefMatch by mapping other CustomField1 columns into SecondCustomField1 onwards.


  • FullName;
  • Prefix;
  • FirstNames;
  • Forenames - synonym of FirstNames;
  • MiddleNames;
  • Initials;
  • LastName;
  • Surname - synonym of LastName;
  • Qualifications;
  • Suffix.

For best results specify either FullName or a combination of the other fields (Prefix, FirstNames, MiddleNames, Initials, LastName, Qualifications, and Suffix). If FullName is specified then the name elements will be extracted (and can be output when the engine is configured for normalization mode).


  • Organization;
  • Company - synonym for Organization;
  • Department;
  • JobTitle.


  • Address1;
  • ...
  • Address9;
  • Town;
  • City - synonym for Town;
  • Region;
  • State - synonym for Region;
  • County - synonym for Region;
  • Postcode;
  • ZIP - synonym for Postcode;
  • ZipPlus4 - synonym for Postcode; (From version 2.0.3)
  • PostOut;
  • Zip5 - synonym for PostOut; (From version 2.0.3)
  • PostIn;
  • Plus4 - synonym for PostIn;
  • DeliveryPoint;
  • DPS - synonym for DeliveryPoint;
  • Country.


  • Telephone;
  • Mobile;
  • Fax.


  • Email.

Date of Birth

  • DateOfBirth;
  • DOB - synonym for DateOfBirth.


  • Website;

Custom Fields

  • CustomField1;
  • ...
  • CustomField9.


  • Other;
  • Other1;
  • ...
  • Other32; (before version 2.0.3)
  • Other200. (from version 2.0.3)

Other-type columns cause data in that column to be ignored. This can be useful when outputting a copy of the input data (matching mode) or for passing unmodified data straight into the output (normalization mode).

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