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Appendix G - Configuration Guide - Between Overlaps

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The following settings can be changed between overlaps.

  • layout of table 2, data options;
  • matching outputs and output options;
  • matching advanced post-matching rules and bridging prevention;
  • matching weights and constraints;
  • debug;
  • threads.



<input table="2" columns="|UniqueRef|FullName|Address1|Address2|Address3|Postcode" />

<matchingPairs enabled="" />
<groupedMatchingPairs enabled="" />
<matchingGroups enabled="true" />
<dedupedData enabled="" />
<duplicateData enabled="" />
<outputUniqueRefsOnly enabled="true" />
<outputComponentScores enabled="false" />
<outputExactMatchScores enabled="false" />
<outputAllExactMatches enabled="false" />
<rule condition="" action="" />
<rule condition="" action="" />
<nameBridgingPrevention enabled="true" />
<prefixBridgingPrevention enabled="true" />
<companyBridgingPrevention enabled="true" />
<aggressiveSplitting enabled="false" />
<outputDeletedMatches enabled="" />
<associate element1="" element2="" />
<associate element1="" element2="" />


<debug enabled="false" pathname="C:\Temp\matchIT_Hub_debug.log" truncate="false" />

An attempt to modify any other settings between overlaps will result in the error "Attempt to change invariant settings when already running".

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