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Appendix A - REST Service - Runtime Requirements

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To run the matchIT Hub Service requires a Java run time of at least version 8. The windows installer will check the version of Java available and attempt to point to it if not found. You should download and install Java prior to installing matchIT Hub.

To make calls to the RESTful API will you need support for making http calls:

  • For use from C# .NET see System.Net.Http.HttpClient
  • For use from Java see Apache HttpClient

The Windows installer installs a Windows Service version. Alternatively you can disable this and run the service manually using the matchITHubService.bat script.


Hub requires an activation code to run. With the Hub Service, the activation code is supplied to the method to create an engine instance. The example clients include a 4 month activation code for lookup mode either in the source code, or in the case of the C# test client, in a file called activation.txt.


In addition, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 runtime must be installed. Redistributable installers can be found in C:\Program Files\matchIT Hub Service\redist. Only the installer that corresponds to the architecture of the machine (32- or 64-bit) are installed by the setup.

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