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H5.3.2 - Logging

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Resources relative to http://host:8080/matchITHub/engines/<engine>

REST resource Summary
POST log Set the filename and severity level for logging
Form data: filename=<filename>, severity=<severity>

POST /matchITHub/engines/<engine>/log filename=<filename>, severity=<severity>


Type Name Description
PathParam engine The id of the engine to modify
FormParam filename Name a file to write log messages to
FormParam severity The severity level of messages to log
FormParam daily Change the log file daily


Configures logging which is disabled by default.

Severity is one of :

  • None
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Information
  • Debug

Setting severity to "Error" will log only error messages, setting severity to "Warning" will log error and warning messages, and so on. I.e. each setting is more verbose than the previous with "Debug" being the most verbose.

If filename is not specified (or is not accessible) messages are logged to the console (not visible when run as a Windows service).

Note: logging settings are per engine instance, but you can set all instances to log messages to the same file.

Log messages are of the form:

<engine id>,<HH:mm:ss>,<severity>,<source>,<message>

Usage Example

Using cURL:

curl -X POST --data "severity=Debug" --data "filename=debuglog.txt" http://localhost:8080/matchITHub/engines/1/log


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