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S10 - Suppression Flag Definitions

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Temporary Suppression:

A temporary suppression is a one off removal or suppression of a record in a file or database.  A typical scenario could be a company buying a cold list or carrying out a customer mailing that you will only be mailing once.  If the company was planning on approaching or mailing the same data more than once, then it would be more cost effective to opt for a Permanent Flag.  This is because the cost of multiple temporary suppressions will always be more than one Permanent Flag.


Permanent Flag:

A permanent flag is used when a company wishes to update their customer or prospect data and hold a flag against the suppressed record.  This means the next time you query or compile your campaign data or mailing file, you already know or hold a flag against those records that have previously been suppressed, so you won’t submit the record for suppression processing again.  This means you won’t be paying multiple times for the same records each time you suppress a campaign or mailing file. 

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