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2.3 - Adding the SSIS Components to the Toolbox (SQL 2005 and 2008 only)

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  1. launch BIDS (SQL Server Business Intelligent Development Studio)  Or Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 work as well.
  2. make a new project
  3. Make sure to choose Integration Services Project
  4. Right-click in an empty area on your toolbox, and click on choose items (you’ll have to wait a bit if it's your first time)
  5. Choose control flow items tab, then scroll down,  and click anything that starts with MISQL.*
  6. Click ok, then drag a couple tasks onto the package and connect the ideally generatekeys, findmatches, groupmatches.


*All tasks will be visible, but some may not function unless you're licensed for them, such as addressing (MISQL.GenerateCorrectdAddresses)


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