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4. Installation

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Running the Installer

To install the software, run the installer package as system administrator and follow the steps screen by screen to configure matchIT web.

Please contact us on 01372 225904 or support@helpit.com for download details for the latest version of matchIT web. Software updates are handled using the check for updates application for existing users and there is an optional reminder service that will periodically check for the availability of updates.

On running the installer, navigate through the wizard page by page. After accepting the software license agreement, you will then have to set up the software install page by page, as outlined below.

Nationality of Data - (Optional): This dialog will be displayed for new users only and sets the default regional settings for the matchIT API data matching engine to the most appropriate values for the nationality selected.

If you have previously installed the product, this screen will not be displayed.

Install Location -  After running the installer and accepting the software license agreement, you will be asked to select an install folder for the web application, documentation and service administration programs.

matchIT web installs as a website (which serves  the User interface) and one (two if you install the optional US addressing web service) web service on your and the installer will create the required web applications automatically and host these in IIS for you. 

Note that matchIT web installs (by default) into c:\Program Files\matchIT Web since the product was originally developed around the findIT S2 duplicate prevention web service and we needed to maintain backwards compatibility with existing customers as the product expanded.

Depending on operating system and CRM integration the outcome of this process may look a little different. On non CRM integrations the web sites will be configured as follows :

Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008/ Windows 7 - the installer will create a new web site called findIT S2.

Windows XP - the installer will create the 2 or 3 virtual directories under Default Web Site.

CRM integration web site locations are covered in the next section, as to allow integration, they need to reside under the same web site as the host CRM system.

Integration Options - After deciding the install location, you will then be prompted to select how you would like to integrate matchIT web into your system, there are currently three options :

  • matchIT web for Microsoft Dynamics 4.0,
  • matchIT web for Microsoft Dynamics 2011
  • The non CRM integrated version of matchIT web, which allows integration of the web service and interface into a custom implementation.


The CRM specific versions contain various assets to incorporate matchIT web into the appropriate CRM interface and specific XML configuration options so the product can link to a default database in each case.

When installing for either version of Microsoft Dynamics, you will also be asked at this point to specify the base URL that points to your Dynamics deployment.

Keys Synchronization Service Account – This step enabled you to specify the windows account for the Keys Synchronization Windows Service to run as, the options are Local System, Local Service, Network Service or a custom user account.

As per the intro text in the installer, Dynamics Deployment installations should use a windows account that has read privileges on all entities within dynamics to ensure accurate match key updates and synchronization.

Addressing - (Note US addressing available to US users only) – On this screen, select which addressing modules you wish to enable in the UI.  If you have account and client details for ROW addressing, you can enter them now, or otherwise do it later manually.

After you have completed the installation of matchIT web, you will be required to install the bi-monthly data update on the server, from a link supplied by the 360Science support team. The data is required to allow address correction during entry and also at point of record submission to the database.

You are able to activate or deactivate US address correction after installation by editing matchIT web’s findIT S2 service’s configuration file.

IIS Configuration - The next step is to specify a port number for matchIT web’s web applications

The default value is 53000 but this can be configured to suit a particular environment.

Check for Updates - matchIT web has the option to automatically check for updates. This process contacts the 360Science website to determine if there is a recommended upgrade currently available.


When looking to upgrade a live system you will need to take measures to ensure uninterrupted usage by scheduling this around system downtime and also run the required procedures from the matchIT web Admin program. The check for updates service will give you the release notes, as well as a link to download the newest setup executable.

.NET Framework - If you do not have the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on your machine, you will be prompted to install this before completing the installation. This is a prerequisite, so ensure that this is installed prior to completing the matchIT web install. Clicking on the ‘download’ button will take you to the location in the Microsoft Download Center to acquire this update.

Final Confirmation - Once you have navigated through each screen (and have installed the .NET Framework 3.5 as required), you will be given a summary of the components you are due to install


At this point, it is possible to specify whether the Web UI of the product is AJAX Enabled or not.  AJAX-enabled data entry allows you to get live feedback when entering contact data. For dedupe, this means that as you complete a field of contact information and tab to the next field, the matches grid will automatically update which additional matching information, with addressing, this feature will automatically complete fields of address information, or even prompt you to select from a list of possible candidates.


Please note, for AJAX to work effectively, you will need to review your host system to ensure the functionality is supported. There is a real benefit on having AJAX enabled on a system, so it is installed by default. You are able to deselect the feature as appropriate from the  “Choose Components” screen. Please see details regarding the benefits of using an AJAX enabled interface in this article about using the matchIT web interface.


Completing the Installation


On completion of the install you can view the readme.txt file which contains pertinent information including the current release notes for the current version.


The matchIT web folder is accessible from the Windows Start menu, and contains the following shortcuts :


  • Configuration Folder
  • matchIT web Administrative Tool
  • matchIT web Test Page
  • matchIT API readme
  • matchIT web readme
  • matchIT web Uninstaller
  • Documentation
  • Release Notes
  • Utilities


To view the newly installed web services, go to :


Control Panel à Administrative Tools à Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager


You will notice the following web applications have now been created in IIS; the installer takes care of all this.


In Windows 7/Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista/Windows 2003, this will look something like this for a non CRM installation.

Note that in Windows XP (or for versions of IIS previous to 6.0), the applications will be added under the Default Web Site.

Troubleshooting and Further Information


Note – If during the install process the virtual directories failed to be created, you will have received a message box saying so.  If this is the case they will have to be set up manually. For this or any other information regarding issues during installation, please refer to the troubleshooting section.

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