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W1.12 CRM System Integration

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This section may require a basic understanding of HTML / CSS.  It describes the simplest ways to create a link from your CRM system to the findIT S2 Site.


If this particular installation of matchIT web was for a CRM system, then an extra directory will have been installed to the findIT S2 Site directory, namely ‘CRM Resources’, which can be found on the path


c:\{matchIT web app path}\website\findITS2Site\CRM Resources


In this directory you will find the relevant files used in the following instructions to link your CRM system to matchIT web.


Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 Installation


The easiest way to integrate MS Dynamics with matchIT web is to add a custom button to the global navigation through the ISV Config file.  Information on what this file is and how to use it / enable customisations made from it can be found on the following link –




If you look in the CRM Resources folder in the findIT S2 Site directory, there should be a file called fiw-logo-mscrm.gif.  This file should be dropped in the _imgs folder in the root of your MS Dynamics installation to be referenced in the button definition in the ISV Config file.  The following is an example of a button node in the ‘Toolbar’ section of the  ISV Config –


<Button Icon="/_imgs/fiw-logo-mscrm.gif" JavaScript="window.open('http://localhost/findITS2Site/Default.aspx','findITS2Search','width=1100,height=430,scrollbars=1,location=0,toolbar=no');">


    <Title LCID="1033" Text="findIT S2 Search" />



    <ToolTip LCID="1033" Text="findIT S2 Search" />




In the above example, the URL of the window.open() method may have to be amended accordingly depending on your installation of MS Dynamics.


Microsoft Dynamics 2011 Installation


As standard, matchIT web ships with a managed solution that can be imported into your deployment of Dynamics 2011 in that standard manor.  The managed solution itself can be found in the following location after install –


c:\{matchIT web app path}\website\findITS2Site\CRM Resources\Dynamics2011RibbonButton.zip


Note that if matchIT web was not installed using the default port in IIS (53000) then you will need to amend the matchIT web JS web resource that is installed with the managed solution – namely the location specified in the window.open() call – the url will need to be changed accordingly.


Once installed and published, you should be able to see the findIT S2 button appear on the Ribbon in within the contacts, leads and accounts entities.


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