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3. Running through the Demo

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3. Demo

We highly recommend running an initial test to ensure that matchIT SQL has been installed correctly. This can be done by running demonstration Stored Procedures or SSIS packages on included sample data.


The sample data will need to be imported into SQL Server regardless of whether you intend to run the Stored Procedures demo or the SSIS demo. You may have already imported it by using the matchIT SQL Configurator at the end of the install, otherwise open this location via the Start Menu:

All Programs -> matchIT SQL -> Demo -> Demo Files

This will open Windows Explorer in a folder (usually C:\matchIT SQL\demo) containing a number of files, including several .sql files. Double-clicking this file:


should cause the SSMS to open. (If it doesn’t, open via the Start Menu; e.g. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 -> SQL Server Management Studio.)

Ensure the local SQL Server instance is running, then connect to it with an account that has the sysadmin server role. (For the server name use “(local)”, “localhost”, or the computer’s name. Windows Authentication should be used, as per Microsoft recommendations.)

Execute the script by pressing F5 or by clicking Execute in the toolbar. You should see a list of messages confirming that the example database and tables have been imported.

You are now able to run the stored procedure demos, the SSIS demo packages, or both.

Stored Procedures:

With the Explorer window still displaying the demo files, open GenerateKeys.sql and execute the script. If successful, text will be output to the Messages tab; should an error occur, an exception will be displayed in red text with an error message and stack trace. Additionally, an Error Report file will probably be created in the matchIT SQL temp folder. If you are unable to resolve the problem, please submit a case and attach the output from the Messages tab to 360Science for advice with any listed Error Report file attached.

Five tables will have been created in the matchIT_SQL_demo database. The tables whose names end with “__keys__” are the keys tables; these contain a number of columns that matchIT SQL uses to help identify groups of potential matches – for example, similar sounding names, companies, streets, and cities/towns.

Next, open FindMatches.sql and execute the script. To complete the test, open FindOverlap.sql and execute.

If these demo scripts have worked correctly then matchIT SQL has been installed correctly. You may now execute the SSIS demo packages, or proceed to Next Steps.

SSIS Packages:

SQL Server must have been installed with the optional Integration Services components and BIDS/SSDT. Note that BIDS/SSDT are not required for running SSIS packages, but are required for creating and editing them.

With the Explorer window still displaying the demo files, open the SSIS folder followed by the folder that matches the version of SQL Server that’s installed (if multiple versions are installed, we recommend using the latest). Open the OverlapDemo folder.

Double-click OverlapDemo.sln; this opens the SSIS package in BIDS or SSDT.  Double-click Package.dtsx in the Solution Explorer, and you’ll see a set of connected SSIS tasks. Press F5 to execute the package, or click the Start Debugging icon in the toolbar.

Running tasks are indicated by yellow boxes/icons. Successfully completed tasks turn green, and errors are indicated by red. No errors should occur in the demo, so all boxes/icons should be green. If there is an error, then please check the Execution Results tab or look for an Error.log file within the matchIT SQL temp folder.


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