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1. Introduction

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matchIT web is consists of several SOAP based web services and a web UI for real-time data cleansing which allows you to embed data quality functions into your applications or clients systems.

Delivered as an IIS .NET web application and built on 360Sciences’ proven data matching engine, matchIT web can work with any data driven application, website/web application or CRM.  Target integrations are within CRM, ERP, e-Commerce, web based systems and call center applications.

matchIT web is designed to be embedded or integrated into the frontend application and reside between the data entry process and database. The intelligence behind matchIT web’s UI simplifies the data entry process by assisting the user during data entry and reporting suspect duplicates to the UI, and calls a postal reference database to ensure that addresses are entered completely, accurately and in fewer keystrokes. 

The data quality engine extrapolates further reference data, standardizes or corrects inputs and post the information back to the underlying database, and can be configured to run in interactive, real-time, or batch modes.

Additionally matchIT web can connect to multiple data sources to enhance data or to identify potential duplicates or existing accounts in other databases or suppression files- making it ideal for ecommerce and Red Flag environments to provide an immediate alert to existing or potential known fraud accounts.

It is simple to install (through a single installer) and needs minimal configuration to get up and running. matchIT web comes in the form of the following components.

findIT S2 Service – The findIT S2 service is a duplicate identification and data cleaning web service and has two main purposes. It is able to clean, case and match data, and also manage the methods used by the administration program such as methods to create / update / delete the necessary keys to perform the matching process. The web service can be used by multiple clients over the web to query the database it has been configured to protect and is configured using its XML configuration file (findITConfiguration.xml)

Certified US Addressing Web Service – [US Only] – The US Addressing web service is implemented using two main modes of operation, interactive reverse lookup as well as unattended mode to correct a fully keyed address. Both of these methods are seamlessly integrated into the matchIT web User Interface.

matchIT web User Interface – The web interface is served from a dedicated web site and comprises a single UI page featuring data capture fields, the matching results grid which displays xml results returned from the data cleansing web service and an information feedback pane. The matchIT web UI page is customizable by the administrator to suit potential requirements using the XML configuration file (ControlConfig.xml)

An Administration Application – This Windows’s application offers an interface to configure the web service by loading in an XML configuration file. This application is also used to generate the necessary keys table required in the database(s) to perform matching processes.  You can also disable the web service if necessary, and tidy up any objects created by matchIT web on the databases in question.

A Key Updates Windows Service – This is a windows service that periodically calls to the findIT S2 service to perform any updates to matching keys that are pending due to changes in the data that the web service is configured to manage.  The interval of the checking can be set by the administrator.


For reference, the product has been given the name matchIT web since it’s a way of deploying our matching and cleansing technology specifically to web based applications. However, the names of the key components within matchIT web are usually prefixed with the name findIT, since the components are used to retrieve matches from an existing database, or to retrieve verified addresses from various post office address files that are included if you are taking the addressing modules of the product.

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