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Troubleshooting Addressing

Below are some common issues when running addressing.

 1) A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user-defined routine or aggregate msp_GenerateCorrectedAddresses

Msg 6522, Level 16, State 1, Procedure msp_GenerateCorrectedAddresses, Line 0

A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user-defined routine or aggregate "msp_GenerateCorrectedAddresses":

System.Exception: Failure in Addressing module; exit code was 1.  Please check the matchIT SQL temp directory for an error log file.

This error is covered in more detail here

2) Components not included during Installation

For matchIT SQL to be able to generate corrected addresses using the msp_GenerateCorrectAddresses stored procedure, a valid activation code must have been issued by Syniti.  Use this activation code when installing matchIT SQL.

If matchIT SQL was previously installed without addressing support, then matchIT SQL will need to be reinstalled.  Run Reactivate (Start Menu->Programs->matchIT SQL->Utilities) to apply the new activation code provided by Syniti, then re-run the matchIT SQL installer.

During installation, an Address Correction page will be shown. Ensure the option “Install addressing components” is checked to add addressing support.  For UK addressing, there will be an additional option, Download data files, if checked it will allow automatic download of the addressing data.  For International addressing, Syniti will provide links to installation media that will install the data separately.


3) Permissions changes are required after install

Additional configuration steps must be performed before the addressing stored procedure can be used (the following steps show how to configure addressing with the example database, matchIT_SQL_demo).

Firstly, the built-in Local Service account must be given write access to the database.  This is because the address correction actually occurs outside the stored procedure; it is run under the context of the matchIT SQL Service which, by default, uses the Local Service account (a low-privilege Windows service account).

Lastly, the account must be given the following roles for the matchIT_SQL_demo database: db_datareader, db_datawriter, and db_ddladmin.  Alternatively, the account can be given the db_owner role instead of these three roles.

Note that the matchIT SQL Service can be changed to run under any user account, including domain accounts.


4)Ensure you've filled in the addressing node if using Stored Procedure's

The stored procedure requires an appropriate Addressing section in an XML configuration file, which indicates the input columns to be used for address correction, plus the output table and columns that will be populated.  To configure this, either modify a copy of the installed template configuration, or set up a new configuration via the matchIT SQL web-based UI; alternatively, configure a GenerateCorrectedAddresses task in an SSIS package.

Similarly in your XML you need to have at least one field mapped in the matching section in order to run addressing, its not uncommon for clients to map a dummy table and single column. We parse and validate the XML when you run a Stored Procedure and certain items are required for it to pass validation.

Refer to Error! Reference source not found. for full details.




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