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Common Issues: Version mismatch! error after upgrading

If you're getting a version mismatch error please refer to below, depending on whether it's happening when you're calling SSIS or Stored Procedures.


In Stored Procedures:

Go to this folder which by default is located: "C:\matchIT SQL\scripts"

run the following SQL query’s located in the above directory:




You may need to change the USE statement at the top if you're using a non-default database to house your Assembly/Stored Procedures. 

The Stored Procedures need to be dropped and recreated after any install/upgrade, normally the matchIT SQL configurator will handle this for you at the end of the install, but if you're upgrading from an older version the configurator will not come up for you, you would need to uninstall/reinstall.



Failure to install new SSIS components when upgrading to a newer version of matchIT SQL:

In rare cases the matchIT SQL installer can fail to install new SSIS components, leaving the previous components still installed on the computer. The result is that an SSIS package created with an older version of matchIT SQL will, when executed, stop with an exception such as "Version mismatch! (assembly=0x01040800 service=0x02000000)".

The issue is most likely to be caused by any of these programs running during or prior to the installation of matchIT SQL: SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Data Tools, or Visual Studio. To resolve the issue first close any running instances of the aforementioned software, then run the matchIT SQL installer a second time.


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