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W1.4 - Using the matchIT web Interface

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Now that the XML configuration has been loaded, it will be possible to perform searches on the data that you have configured the XML to read. You will need to open the matchIT web interface, you can do this in a few ways.

In your browser you can navigate to the following location to open the page :

http://{your domain}:{port number}/findITS2Site

There is also shortcut from the Windows Start menu to the matchIT web Test Page, or you can browse the site from within the IIS manager.

The matchIT web interface is split in three main sections, which allows data entry, duplicate look up and data cleansing functions all in the data capture interface.


  • Search Pane : A fully customizable set of data entry field, with buttons to Search for records, Reset the form or (in the case of CRM integration) add the keyed record to into the system.


  • Results Grid : Again a customizable view of the matching candidates which is updated according to the fields populated in the Search Pane.


  • The Information/Warning Pane : This returns information regarding your search, the number of matching records as well as the response time.


The operation of the matchIT web interface can be slightly different depending on what components of matchIT web you have installed on your server.


If you selected to AJAX enable the UI during installation, as you tab out of fields of data, the results are returned in real time, both for matching and US address correction.  The AJAX functionality can be switched of if desired in the ControlConfig.xml file, which is addressed in a later section.


To test matchIT web, enter a name you know exists in the database, and if AJAX is on, simply tab out of the field, or alternatively hit the ‘Submit’ button. Provided the data exists, you should be presented with a set of results in a table next to the input fields, as follows


Some information on the lookup is displayed underneath the results grid, describing how many results were returned and the time it took to complete the process.


The search can be refined by typing in more information into the input fields and re-submitting the form or tabbing out of the field.  Doing so will have an effect on the results that are returned and their relevance to the data entered, which can be seen in the last column’s graphical relevance meter. 


In the results pane it is possible to tab between different results grids that are user definable in the ControlConfig.xml file.  As will be discussed later, multiple results grids can be configured to display results from different data sources that have been defined in the findIT S2 Service configuration file - findITConfiguration.xml.

Clicking on the appropriate tab will allow you to see the results for each data source. In the example, we have contacts currently selected (that has retrieved 4 results from the search data entered, denoted by the value in the parentheses), however if a user would like to see the results returned for the accounts data instead, they would simply click on the Accounts data source tab.


The columns displayed in each results grid are completely configurable in ControlConfig.xml, so a search against the contacts can have result fields displayed if compared to the Accounts tab.  The configuration of these results grids and the rest of the UI is covered in the section Configuring the matchIT web Interface.


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