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W1.6 - Using UK and ROW address correction

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The UK and ROW address correction work in a very similar manor.  For a quick start guide on installing and getting up and running with the Addressing Web Service, refer to Appendix D.


For the sake of demonstration we will use a UK address.  On first load, the address fields will look as follows.

The quick entry area for Address Lookup is surrounded by a grey border.  Once an address is entered in to the address lookup text box, and depending on whether or not Ajax is enabled for the region selected in the drop down, a lookup will be performed by either tabbing out of the text box, or clicking the verify lookup tick button.

In the case of UK addressing, if a search is submitted that cannot be verified exactly from the information entered, and ambiguity list will appear and a selection will need to be made.  This is shown below


Once selected, the verified address will be transferred to the address input fields as per the configuration (described in the next section).  A result code description is also shown in the results pane (not shown here).


As mentioned above, ROW addressing works in exactly the same way, apart from ambiguities – It is activated (assuming it has been enabled) by selecting an ROW country in the country drop down.  For example, selecting France and looking up a French address would cause the UI to switch to using the ROW service.  Different countries have different address formats and different casing rules, which are both configurable for each country, described in the next section.


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