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W1.11 - The Key Updates Windows Service

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As mentioned in the introduction, one of the components that comes with matchIT web is a windows service.  It is installed when installing matchIT web and appears in the service manager under the name findITS2UpdateKeysService.  The service is started up on install, and is set to automatically start up on system start up.



This service periodically makes a call to the PerformPendingKeyUpdates() web method.  By default, the interval of these calls is set to 30 seconds, however this can be configured to any interval by amending the following section in the file findITS2UpdateKeys.exe.config which is located in the c:/{Path to matchIT web}/bin directory.



  <!-- The interval between webservice calls to PerformPendingKeyUpdates in ms (30000 = 30 Seconds) -->

  <add key="serviceinterval" value="60000" />



Simply change the value attribute of the serviceinterval key node to the length in time (in ms) you wish the intervals to be.


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