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H1.2 - Configuration Guide - Example Configuration

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Here's an example of a simple configuration for matchIT Hub:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<input columns="|UniqueRef|FullName|Address1|Address2|Address3|Postcode" />

<key>PostOut + NameKey</key>
<key>PhoneticLastName + AddressKey</key>
<individual minimumScore="80" enabled="true" />
<nameOnly minimumScore="40" enabled="" />
<family minimumScore="80" enabled="" />
<address minimumScore="55" enabled="" />
<business minimumScore="80" enabled="" />
<companyOnly minimumScore="40" enabled="" />
<custom minimumScore="80" enabled="" />
<matchingPairs enabled="" />
<groupedMatchingPairs enabled="" />
<matchingGroups enabled="true" />
<dedupedData enabled="" />
<duplicateData enabled="" />
<outputUniqueRefsOnly enabled="true" />


After applying this configuration, matchIT Hub will be configured for Matching at individual level, using two match keys for high data volumes, and will output matching groups of records.

The following chapters detail the contents of the configuration settings.

Omitted from the example are the memory settings, disk settings, and some miscellaneous settings; please refer to the samples\configFull.xml file that's available after installation of the product.

Default values will be used for any settings that are not specified in the configuration.

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