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H2.1 - Advanced Configuration Guide - Introduction

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The matchIT Hub Advanced Configuration Guide is a supplement to the Configuration Guide. It contains full details of the settings provided by the core matching component.


Location: <settings><advanced>


nationality: Choose the nationality that represents the majority of the data being processed. If processing international data from multiple countries, specify Other. The nationality setting aids with the parsing of all input data.

Refer to Appendix F in the Configuration Guide for a list of available nationalities.

generate: Settings used when records are parsed and keys are generated.

compare: Settings used when records are compared.

matchingRules: Constraints and weights for each matching level, used when compared records are scored.

masterPriorities: Rules used to determine which record in a matching group should be marked as the master record (i.e. the best record).

Normalization: Note that when the engine is running in normalization mode, only the nationality and generate settings are applicable.

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