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Cortex - Running a Workflow

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To run a workflow click the Run button in menu bar.


As a workflow is running, the progress bar shows the percentage complete, and you can use the Stop button to abort the run:


Running a Cortex workflow from Command Line

Please note that you require an additional licence feature present in your activation to have access to the automation options.

To run Cortex from command Line, simply open a Windows command console and navigate to the Cortex\bin folder. By default, this is located on the root of the C:\ drive; Cortex can then be opened  by simply executing the following executable:


The following arguments can then be used after the executable:

  • “CortexWorkflow.cortexml” – Specifying the location and file of a previously saved Cortex workflow will automatically open it in Cortex when the program starts.
  • /r – This argument (following a cortexml file name) will automatically run the job once it is opened in and close the application once complete.
  • /s – This argument (following a cortexml file name and /r argument) will run the job in the background of the machine and not display the Cortex window while running.

e.g.: matchITCortex.exe “Demo.cortexml” /r /s

Exit Codes: When automatically running a Cortex workflow from Command Line; the following exit codes are reported back to the console:

  • 0 – Job completed with no errors.
  • 1 – Job failed with errors.

Should the user encounter an error while running a workflow through the command Line, we recommend running the workflow through Cortex manually or referring to the log file to discover the source of the error.


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