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Configuration UI - Generate Tab

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Generate Tab


Generate Name Options

Default gender The Default Gender property is the gender to assume when the matchIT API can't determine whether the name is male or female e.g. Chris Smith, C Smith.
Use equivalent name If enabled, the input first name is replaced with its equivalent from the NAMES.DAT file.
Enhanced double barrelled lookup When enabled, this setting will cause an unrecognised middle name to be considered part of a non-hyphenated double-barrelled last name.
Process blank last name With this setting enabled, a blank lastname will cause extra processing to be performed on other input data to help detect typographical errors.
Parse name elements When enabled, this will cause input name elements (including prefix, firstnames, and lastname) to be parsed.
Detect inverse names Attempt to identify addressee names that have been specified with the lastname preceding the firstnames, provided a comma delimiter follows the lastname (for example, "Smith, John" where Smith is the lastname).
Parse as normalized name Addressee names are assumed to be in a delimited normalized format.

Generate Company Options

Use equivalent name If enabled, then the equivalent (according to the NAMES.DAT file) of words indicating a business name, such as "Motors" or "Services" are included in the normalized organization name and the corresponding phonetic keys.
Normalization truncation If enabled (non-zero), and the organization consists of more than three words, then the third element of the normalized organization name will be truncated to the first N characters of each word after the first two (where N is the value of this setting).
Ignore parentheses With this property enabled, any words that are enclosed with parentheses within an organization name will be excluded from the phonetic organization keys.
Ignore trailing post town Exclude any trailing post town from the phonetic organization keys.

Generate Address Options

Verify postcode If enabled, verifies and corrects the format of the postcode.
Default street line This property is used when the generating a phonetic address key, to indicate the position of the street and the town in the address.
Lines to scan This property enables personal names to be extracted from address lines. It can be set to 1 or 2.
Premise first Indicates whether to expect the premise or flat number to come first in address lines

Generate Options

Drop excluded words When enabled, flag any records that contain exclusion words in any of the key fields.
Consider casing When enabled, consider the casing of the incoming data when splitting the data up for extracting keys, proper casing, and so forth.
Variable keys max length Specifies the maximum length of various variable-length phonetic keys.
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