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Configuration UI - Basic Configuration

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Some matchIT Hub integrations use a combination of a basic configuration dialog and a pop-up advanced settings editor.

For a fuller explanation of the configuration settings described here see Configuration Guide and Advanced Configuration Guide.

Basic Configuration

Input layouts This will show either one or two tabs, depending on how many input connections there are.
Input column types Specify the column type of each field in the input. Hub will try to guess the column type based on the column name, otherwise select from the dropdown list of available types.
Basic settings Basic settings indicate the: Nationality and Volume of the input data and the matching tightness required. Over 5 million records is considered high volume.
Matching levels Matching will automatically choose an appropriate level based on the column types mapped. With the input layout above, the tool will naturally default to matching at Individual level. To specify different level(s) tick as many levels as you wish to match at.
Matching methods Matching methods indicates the type of matching required and largely determines what keys are defined for example. Matching will automatically choose the most appropriate matching method based on the column types mapped.
Output types The matching pairs output can optionally be grouped, and the matching groups output can be changed to matched data (a copy of the input data with group refs added).
Advanced settings You can access more advanced settings by clicking the Advanced… button. See Advanced Settings


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