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Using matchit On Demand to Merge 2 Files

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If you want to merge 2 datasets together to create one distinct set of data with no duplicates, e.g. you might have an existing customer database and you want to merge in a cold list of prospect data, then you can do this using matchit on Demand's two file matching.

1.) Run an overlap job in matchit On Demand with Table 1 set as the existing customers and Table 2 set to your cold list file by choosing 'Find matches that overlap two datasets (records from dataset 1 are removed from dataset 2 if they exist) ' from the task options in the Create a New Job page.

2.) Once matchIT on Demand has finished and you have downloaded the results, open your existing customer file in Excel (or other tool of choice) and then simply merge in the Suppressed File output from matchIT on Demand. The Suppressed File output is your cold list file, excluding any records that were determined to already exist in the customer file.

Note that if your files have different structures (e.g. one file has prefix, forename, surname and the other file simply has a fullname field), then you could make use of Excel functions to concatenate fields together. For example, if you have a prefix in A2, a forename in B2 and a surname in C2, then the following would combine those fields into a fullname field etc.

CONCATENATE(A2," ", B2," ",C2)



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