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S2.9.2 - SSIS Tutorial - Hosted Service Processing

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This task allows you to send an encrypted subset of your data (names, addresses, unique_ref) to our Hosted Service which offers the following functionality for people that may not have purchased on premise solutions:

  • Suppression processing
  • Address Verification
  • Business Data Append
  • Email Verification

Simply connect a Generate Keys task to a Hosted Service task in your workflow:


and then enter the required options for your processing:


Select your data source and provide the require encryption key - you will need to contact our Helpdesk to obtain your key.  Choose Edit Config File to open the Job Options screen where you can choose your actual service options:


Firstly enter your contact details and customer ID which can be obtained from our Helpdesk along with your encryption key (see previous screen).  Next choose any suppression options:



Then choose  and address verification and email verification requirements you may have for your data:


and finally choose any business data append options:



When the Hosted Service task runs, an encrypted subset of your data will be sent to our servers from processing. You will be contacted by our Helpdesk with a quote for getting your results which will be returned in text file format for import into SQL Server.








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