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The Matching tool is used for finding matching records in one or two data sources. When one data source is used, matching records are identified within the source. This is primarily for data cleansing purposes, for removing duplicate contacts from a master table for example. When two data sources are used, matching records that intersect two sources of data are identified. For example, identifying contacts to be suppressed from a mailing, for updating contacts' details, or for merging new contacts into a master table. Matching records are not identified within each table, but they can be removed beforehand if necessary (for example, when merging new contacts from an update table into a master table, duplicate contacts can first be removed from the update table, then the cleaned update table overlapped with the master table; these two steps would need to be done separately, using either a single matchIT Hub engine or two chained engines).



Matching takes one or two inputs (Main input & Overlap input). Connect up to two input steps by dragging Input tools onto the canvas. Left click on each input tool’s connector and drag onto one the Matching tool’s input connectors.



Matching has four different output connectors, these are:


Matching Pairs, outputs matching pairs of record (default)

Or outputs GroupedMatchingPairs matching pairs of records, each pair is grouped with other matching pairs if you go into advanced -->output and change Pairs (P) to 'grouped pairs'


Matching Groups, outputs the records within each group (default)

MatchedData output will be used if you go into advanced --> Output and alter the Groups setting to 'all records'

DE Deduplicated Data, outputs all unique records
DU Duplicate Data, outputs all duplicate records

Connect downstream tools to at least one of these.



See: matchIT Hub Configuration UI

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