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Visual Studio Just in Time debugger pops up when running addressing

Are you getting a message along the lines of "An unhandled Exception ...occurred in addressing.exe" ?

This normally indicates a permissions issue and can affect both addressing and NCOA (US addressing).

The addressing and NCOA run outside of SQL Server, so that if they crash they won't bring down your SQL instance with it.  The downside of this is permissions requirements for the addressing which may prevent it from working out of the box depending on your security configuration.

This error happens most often on production environments, where security is more locked down than standard dev environments.

Normally the quickest and easiest fix for this is to run services.msc, locate the 'matchIT SQL Service', then right click on it and goto properties, and set the service to run with a domain account which has read/write access on the server for any temp files created by the addressing/ncoa as well as datareader/datawriter/ddladmin permissions on any databases you're working with.

Ensure you restart the service after changing the login.

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