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matchIT hub 3.1 Release Notes

NOTE: The 3.1 version is installed with new installations of Cortex 1.0.7. If you only want to  integrate the API using matchIT hub 3.1, you can install it separately. To download a separate install, open a ticket with Syniti support at support.syniti.com.

The latest version of matchIT hub contains updates to improve parsing, such as: 

  • Automatic detection of the country the address refers to, instead of the assuming whole data set is the country specified in the settings
  • Improved, more accurate address parsing, e.g., premise, thoroughfare, sub-premise, city etc
  • Identification and extraction of more address elements: box type and identifier, floor, premise type, sub-premise type, street pre-directional, suffix, and post-directional
  • Ability to parse, extract, and compare Eircodes (and legacy postal districts) for Irish address data.

Improvements in Word Lookup include: 

  • Enhanced lexicons
  • Removal of word length limitation
  • Words grouped by country or common
  • Support for multi-word entries (such as “Leigh-on-Sea”)
  • Addition of new types of word: Surname, Floor, Box, Direction, Country code
  • Thousands more words recognised

Refer to Advanced Configuration Guide Word Lookup Tables for more information.

Additionally the Hub Service includes updates to provide for SSL connectivity and user authentication. Refer to matchIT hub Service User Authentication for more information.

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